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Hangover Skincare Kit

Hangover Skincare Kit

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The Most Complete and Essencial Hangover Kit ever (that you will thank us for or your friend who will give you this)!

Say goodbye to the aftermath of late-night revelry and hello to a refreshed and shiny you

💫  Soothing Hydra Mask by Dr.Jart + (hydrated skin)
💫  Patches for Acne by CORXS  (bye bye pimples)
💫  Nourisin Lip Gloss "Sweet Hell" by MUSA  (juicy lips on)
💫  Eye Mask by Grace & Stella  (refreshed eyes)
💫  Silk Mask & Scrunchie by Beauty Sleep (soft sleep kit)
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Due to an European Law, Creamy Glitters will be gone forever.

Stock up on the latest units 😢